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Handmade Teak Bowls from Indonesia

Wooden Bowl Factory in Indonesia

Teak Wood Bowl Factory in Indonesia

Large wooden bowls made of teak root wood. Very strong and durable. Handmade in Indonesia. Unique and one of a kind. Made of sustainable teak wood from teak tree left over after harvest in teak plantation in Indonesia. Functional and beautiful natural teak wood bowls. Handcrafted by skill artisans from Java Indonesia. Each teak bowl is unique and one of a kind. Sizes and shapes can vary slightly from pictures shown here. Made in Java Indonesia..

Teak Bowls from Indonesia

Wood Bowls Bali Indonesia. Teak wood serving bowls. Handmade teak bowls. Wide range of teak wood bowls. Round, square, rectangular or triangle and even freeform teak wood bowls. Teak plates and teak cutting boards. Handcrafted from high quality teak wood. Very strong and durable. Teak wood bowls Thailand. Teak bowl planter. Teak root bowls.

  • Factory direct. Buying teak bowls from us means you are buying direct from factory. Enjoy competitive pricing.
  • Quality control and years of experience
  • Sustainable. Our teak bowls made of teak wood from teak plantation

Handmade Natural Teak Wood Bowls from Indonesia

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Natural Teak Wood Bowls

Teak Wood Bowl Factory

Buy teak wood bowls direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Teak plantations located in Java Indonesia. Contact us now to buy these teak bowls wholesale. We export worldwide. We ship to major ports around the globe. Please contact us by email for more information regarding buying our teak bowls wholesale.

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