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We export not only teak wood outdoor furniture but also mahogany wood indoor furniture. Some samples of our mahogany wood furniture are the mahogany dining table shown here. There're TV cabinets, bookcases, glass cabinets for shop display or your home interior, kitchen cabinets, computer cabinets, wine cabinets, entertainment set cabinets, ward robe etc.

Mahogany Furniture CodeSize HWD

JAVA INDOOR FURNITURE FACTORY COMPANY Mahogany Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Code: DRAWER 1
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

23.2 x16 x24in

Indoor Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 2
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

15.6 x15.6 x26in

Indoor Furniture Factory Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 3
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

16.8 x16 x28in

Indoor Furniture Company Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 4
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

18.4 x12.8 x28.4in

Indoor Furniture Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 5
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

16 x14 x26in

Indonesia Indoor Furniture

Furniture Code: DRAWER 6
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

18.4 x15.2 x28in

Indonesia Home Furniture

Furniture Code: DRAWER 7
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

20 x17.2 x28in

Indonesia Home Furniture

Furniture Code: DRAWER 8
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

20 x16 x26in

Indonesian Wood Furniture

Furniture Code: DRAWER 9
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

18 x14 x28in

Indonesian Wood Furniture

Furniture Code: DRAWER 10
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

33.2 x23.2 x17.2in

Furniture Indoor Factory Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 11
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

20 x18 x28in

Furniture Indoor Company Indonesia

Furniture Code: DRAWER 12
Mahogany Wood Bed Sides

18 x16 x26in

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Teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Home and garden ornaments. Carved teak wood mushroom sculptures. Solid teak wood mushrooms handcarved by skill teak wood craftsmen using reclaimed teak wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Beautiful and durable teak wood home and garden decors. Unique and one of a kind.Don't forget to view our catalog of reclaimed boat wood letters.

Teak Wood Mushrooms

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Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture Factory from Indonesia

Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture Factory from Indonesia

Home and garden decorations from Indonesia. Handicrafts products made in Indonesia. Home wares and garden accents. Arts and crafts from Bali. Garden pots and planters made of wood and stone. Bronze statues, stone planters lanterns and palm pots from Indonesia.

Exotic wood dining table from Indonesia. Large dining table made in Indonesia

Exotic wood dining table from Indonesia. Large dining table made in Indonesia

View our Boat Wood Furniture from Indonesia. We are reclaimed boat wood furniture factory in Java with shop in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. We produce our boat furniture ourselves, buy boat wood furniture made in Indonesia direct from furniture factory in Java Indonesia. For more info contact us by email, for faster response contact us by WhatsApp: +6281353357458

Boat Wood Furniture from Indonesia

Boat Wood Furniture Factory in Indonesia. Buy reclaimed boat wood furniture direct from factory in Indonesia. Contact us now, we will provide you with our offer for our recycled boat wood furniture made in Indonesia. Wide range of furniture including dining table and chairs, coffee table, sofa benches, bookshelves and many more. All made of reclaimed wood from old boat or Javanese houses. Made to order. Please order our Indonesian furniture in advance. Email us for more info or fast response Whatsapp +6281353357458

Boat Wood Furniture Factory in Indonesia

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Furniture from Bali Indonesia. Home decors and lanscape ornaments made in Indonesia. Handmade by skill artisans of Indonesia. View our online catalog of various furniture and crafts made of wide range of materials you can find in Indonesia. We have furniture made of teak wood, suar wood, stone even recycled car tires. You can see here furniture made from reclaimed wooden boats, teak root wood furniture and many more.

Bali Furniture Indonesia

Teak furniture from Indonesia. Teak wood furniture for outdoor patio, garden, lawn or pool. Made in Indonesia and exported worldwide. Good quality teak furniture and reasonable price. We've been exporting quality teak wood furniture from Indonesia since 2002. Now our company has costumers around the world. To order our Indonesia teak furniture, please visit our sister site and place your order for our home decors, landscaping ornaments, furniture and Bali Crafts. Visit www.Bali-Crafts.com to view our latest collection of Furniture, Crafts and Home Decors from Bali Indonesia.