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Teak Wood Mushrooms Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushroom Factory in Indonesia

Teak Mushrooms

Teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Garden decoration made of teak wood. Wooden mushrooms made of teak wood. Handcarved in Indonesia by skill teak wood craftsmen. Beautiful solid teak wood mushrooms. Teak wood carvings from Indonesia. Large sized mushroom wood carvings as an unique accent to your home or garden. Handmade from reclaimed teak tree trunks in Java Indonesia. Handmade from old teak wood, these mushroom wood carvings will makes amazing decorative home or garden ornaments. Each of these handcarved wooden mushrooms are uniquely and one-of-a-kind crafts.

Teak Mushrooms from Indonesia

Wood Mushroom Sculpture. Teak root wood mushroom sculptures made of plantation teak wood. Handcarved using reclaimed teak root wood. Very durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Unique , one of a kind items. Each item is unique, handmade items. Good quality and durable.

  • Factory direct. Buying teak crafts from us means you are buying direct from factory. Enjoy competitive pricing.
  • Quality control and years of experience
  • Sustainable. Our teak crafts made of teak wood from teak plantation

Teak Wood Mushroom from Teak Mushroom Factory in Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushrooms

Teak Wood Mushrooms Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushrooms from Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushrooms from Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushrooms from Indonesia

Teak Wood Mushrooms from Indonesia

Teak Crafts Factory in Indonesia

Decorative wooden mushrooms made from plantation teak wood in Java Indonesia. Wooden Mushrooms suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor garden ornaments made of teak wood. Indonesian style home ornaments with high quality and competitive prices. A unique hand carved mushroom sculptures high quality pieces that have brought the beauty of teak wood. Due to the nature of these handmade mushroom wood carving items you can use them outdoor as garden decorations.

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