Bali Styles Doors direct from Bali Indonesia

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Carved Wood Doors and Windows from Bali Indonesia. Traditional Balinese style doors and windows from Bali Indonesia.

Teak wood kitchen utensil from Indonesia. Various products for your kitchen. Teak wood spoons forks made of wood from teak plantation. Wide range of serving trays and plates, bowls, cups, teak wood chopping boards and kuksa from Indonesia. Buy direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Enjoy competitive pricing. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity. Please contact us for further information regarding our kitchen tool products. Send us email or WhatsApp message.

Indonesian Style Doors

Wooden Doors Product Code: GBK3-12
Handcarved door from Bali Indonesia with traditional carvings, carved by skill traditional Balinese craftsmen. Available in various sizes

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Kitchen Utensils Teak Wood Indonesia Java Bali Bowls Plates Trays Spoons Forks

Teak root wood console table from Indonesia. Handmade console table made of teak root wood. Teak root wood console table made of teak tree root wood from teak plantation in Java Indonesia. Durable and real solid wood suitable for indoor and outdoor. Teak wood furniture for your home and garden. Available in various sizes. Each console table here and all other teak root furniture is unique and one of a kind. Please email us for further information about ordering and importing our teak root furniture. Teak wood console table from Indonesia.

Teak root wood console table from Indonesia

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