Teak Root Wood Furniture from Java Indonesia by IndonesiaTeakFurniture.com
Indonesian Teak Root Furniture Manufacturer. Place your Indonesian Furniture order here.

Painted Furniture from Indonesia by CV MAYA www.IndonesiaTeakFurniture.com
Wooden furniture made of mahogany wood from Java Indonesia painted in whitewash or distressed style produce by CV MAYA, painted indoor furniture manufacturer and exports company. Our painted mahogany wood furniture factory located in Java Indonesia. We have a complete range of indoor furniture such as Armoire Bar Cabinet Bedroom Bookcase Buffet Cabinet Chair Chest
Children Furniture Chippendale Chair Coffee Table Console mirror Console Table etc.

Painted Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia

Furniture Code: CABINET 108
Painted cottage furniture. Whitewash furniture or distressed furniture known as cottage furniture product from Indonesia similar to painted distressed furniture by Bramble and Nadeau. All furniture made from Mahogany with whitewash or cream distressed finish . Our painted wood furniture include antique reproduction furniture, colonial teak furniture, teak garden painted whitewash distressed cottage.

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Indonesian furniture by CV MAYA, manufacturer company for indoor and outdoor furniture. We produce all type of furniture such as TV cabinet Armoire, Bedroom furniture, Bookcase, Buffet and Cabinet Chair. All made of teak or solid wood from Indonesia. Browse our latest catalog for Bali furniture.

Bali Furniture Indonesia

Driftwood garden sculptures made in Indonesia. Various garden statues made of teak wood components. Wide range animal sculptures to decorate your garden and patio including deer, horse, elephant and other animals. Other than garden sculptures, also available wall decors made of driftwood and teak wood components. Wall decoration and ornament such as wooden ship steering wheels, deer head, horse head and many more. Please visit our driftwood crafts and take a look our wooden crafts such as fir trees, buffalo head skull, name plaque etc. We are also able to make any wooden crafts according to your request. We have skill wood craftsmen ready to make your order become reality. We also source our teak wood from sustainable teak plantation here in Java Indonesia.

Teak Wood Crafts Garden Sculptures Driftwood

Teak Furniture Manufacturer Company Indonesia

Teak Furniture Manufacturer Company Indonesia

Rustic Teak Furniture from Indonesia

Outdoor Teak Furniture from Indonesia

Rustic Teak Furniture from Indonesia

Garden Teak Furniture from Indonesia

Large Wood Dining Table Bali Indonesia

Large Wood Dining Table

Teak wood kitchen utensil from Indonesia direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Various kitchen cutlery and kitchen tools made of teak wood. Handcrafted by skill craftsmen with years of experience in producing teak wood bowls, teak wood chopping boards, spoon fork sets and serving trays. All kind of kitchen gadgets including butter knives, measuring cups and spoons, teak wood spatulas, egg holders, pastry rolls, herb grinders, teak wood sinks and vases. Source your kitchen tools direct from factory in Indonesia. Beautiful teak wood kitchen utensil. Durable, lightweight and beautiful wood texture. Browse our catalog and contact us if you need more information. See photo for our email address or send us message on WhatsApp.

Teak wood kitchen utensil from Indonesia direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Various kitchen cutlery and kitchen tools made of teak wood

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