Furniture Bali

Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia

Teak root wood bar stools from Bali. Beautiful natural wooden furniture for you to import from Indonesia. These bar stools available in various sizes and finishing. We have many style for teak wood furniture made of teak root wood. Various furniture including table, chairs, stools, coffee tables and dining table with bench or chairs set. All handmade in Indonesia. Our furniture made of teak root wood. This is the hardest part of teak tree. These wood will last for generations. If you need more teak wood bar stools, we have more style available for you. We have many teak root furniture on our web site. We have all kind of furniture such as big chairs or sofa, bench, table and the most popular is our big suar wood dining table with natural curve.

Wooden Furniture from Bali Indonesia

LOG2-6 Natural Curve Coffee Table Furniture Glass Tops Bali Indonesia

Furniture Code: LOG2-6
Wooden coffee table from Bali Indonesia. Natural curve table furniture Wood from Indonesia. Available in various sizes. Made to order.

All wooden furniture here made in Indonesia. Made to order. Please email us your order with details about item number and quantity. Remember also to include information about your shipping port. We deliver our furniture port to port meaning you will need to arrange transportation from your shipping port to your warehouse.

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Wood Furniture and Home Decors from Bali Indonesia.

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Teak Root Furniture Indonesia.

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Teak Wood Furniture Bali Indonesia

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Bali Furniture

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Furniture from Bali made of solid teak wood and other kind of wood including suar table. Indonesian Furniture. Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia. Wooden Furniture from Bali Indonesia. Wood Furniture and Home Decors from Bali Indonesia. Other than furniture, please visit also our teak wood mushrooms garden decors. Wooden mushroom carvings.