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Teak Root Furniture from Java Indonesia Indonesian Teak Furniture Manufacturer
Manufacturer and Exporter Company for Teak Root Furniture

Garden furniture from Java Indonesia. Furniture made of teak root wood. Suitable for garden, patio, lawn and patio. Garden furniture set made of hardwood. Unique furniture with rustic style. For your log furniture.


Product Code: TRM
Teak Root Wood Mirror Frame
Size 65cm or 26in at widest poing. US$ 59 Exworks
Size 40cm or 16in at widest poing. US$ 41 Exworks

Teak Root Wood Mirror Frame

Teak Root Product Code: TRWMR
Teak Root Wood Mirror Frame. Wooden Mirror Frame made of Teak Wood

Teak root wood mirror frame. This wooden mirror frame is unique and one of a kind. Rustic and natural look suitable for your log or cabin house. Made of teak tree root wood from Java teak plantations. This teak wood mirror frame made in Indonesia by Indonesian teak furniture factory and Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer company

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We're able to supply you with teak root furniture from Java Indonesia. Good quality and very good priced.
Teak root furniture direct from Java, the home of largest teak plantation in the world. Buy teak root furniture direct from teak root furniture manufacturer and factory in Java Indonesia.

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Teak root furniture direct from Java Indonesia. Teak tree root wood bench, root table and teak root chairs. Made of teak tree root wood. Strong all seasons furniture for indoor or outdoor furniture. By teak furniture manufacturer company.

Rustic Teak furniture from Indonesia. All teak wood furniture here made of reclaimed teak wood and legally harvested teak wood from government controlled teak plantations across Java. Java has largest teak plantation and perhaps the best teak wood in the world.

Indonesian Furniture suitable for living room, dining room bedroom or hotel. Garden furniture and patio lawn or pool. All made in Indonesia. As seen in Bali and Java. Imported by furniture companies around the world exports by Indonesian furniture company or Indonesian furniture factory and wholesaler.

Rustic furniture manufacturer company in Java Indonesia. Rustic teak wood furniture made of reclaimed teak wood or recycle timber.

Indonesian Rustic furniture manufacturer company. Teak furniture factory. Exporter and wholesaler for wooden furniture made of recycle teak wood.
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Rustic furniture from Java Indonesia made by furniture company . Java teak wood cabinets bookshelf.
Indonesian teak furniture home and office furniture.