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Visit our recommended page boat wood dining table and chairs. Dining room furniture made of reclaimed wood salvaged from old wooden boat or old Javanese house. Recommended for you to order these items along with other items. For more info, please email us or for fast response please WhatsApp +6281353357458. Visit our Instagram: Boat Furniture Factory

Teak patio furniture from Java Indonesia. Teak tree wood stump furniture from Indonesia.


Teak Root Bench Code: Teak Root P4-13
Teak root wood bench from Java Indonesia. Java teak root furniture. Large teak root bench
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Kitchen utensils made of teak wood from Java Indonesia. Various teak wood spoons, forks, bowls, trays, plates and many more. Wide range of wooden tools for your kitchen. All made of solid wood including teak wood. Handmade by skill craftsmen of Indonesia. Browse our catalog of teak wood kitchenware direct from factory in Indonesia. Take a look at our extensive range of cooking utensils including spatula and cooking spoons. View also salad fork, teak wood bowls and plates for your restaurant or catering business. Wooden Cooking Utensils for Kitchen. Wooden spoons and plates to meet all your cooking needs. Don't forget to view our catalog of Kuksa cups made of wood. Nordic style wooden Kuksa cups made of teak wood direct from teak wood kitchen tools factory in Indonesia.

Kitchen Utensils Teak Wood Indonesia Java Bali Bowls Plates Trays Spoons Forks

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Teak root wood console table from Indonesia. Handmade console table made of teak root wood. Teak root wood console table made of teak tree root wood from teak plantation in Java Indonesia. Durable and real solid wood suitable for indoor and outdoor. Teak wood furniture for your home and garden. Available in various sizes. Each console table here and all other teak root furniture is unique and one of a kind. Please email us for further information about ordering and importing our teak root furniture. Teak wood console table from Indonesia.

Teak root wood console table from Indonesia

Teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Home and garden ornaments. Carved teak wood mushroom sculptures. Solid teak wood mushrooms handcarved by skill teak wood craftsmen using reclaimed teak wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Beautiful and durable teak wood home and garden decors. Unique and one of a kind.Don't forget to view our catalog of reclaimed boat wood letters.

Teak Wood Mushrooms

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Buy teak garden furniture direct from Java Indonesia from furniture manufacturer and furniture factory. Our company CV Maya is teak furniture company who produce and exports teak furniture for outdoor garden. Our teak outdoor furniture made of teak wood taken from teak root. Very strong, water and rot resistant, surely will last for generations. We also produce reclaimed boat wood furniture. We make boat wood dining table and chairs. Furniture for dining room made of old wooden boat. Handmade in Indonesia.

Live Edge Dining Table from Indonesia

Live Edge Dining Table from Indonesia

Large Dining Table from Indonesia