Teak Root Wood Fruits Bowls Made in Indonesia Rustic Style
Teak root wood bowls made in Indonesia. Perfect match for your teak root furniture. Good products to fill the empty space in your container. Anyone who buy teak root furniture must be interested in buying this natural style fruits bowl made of teak root wood.

Teak wood kitchen utensil from Indonesia. Various products for your kitchen. Teak wood spoons forks made of wood from teak plantation. Wide range of serving trays and plates, bowls, cups, teak wood chopping boards and kuksa from Indonesia. Buy direct from factory in Java Indonesia. Enjoy competitive pricing. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity. Please contact us for further information regarding our kitchen tool products. Send us email or WhatsApp message.


Product Code: TKBL 3
Teak Root Bowl from Indonesia. Fruits Bowl Rustic Style
Wooden Bowl with Natural or Rustic Style Made in Indonesia


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Teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Home and garden ornaments. Carved teak wood mushroom sculptures. Solid teak wood mushrooms handcarved by skill teak wood craftsmen using reclaimed teak wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Beautiful and durable teak wood home and garden decors. Unique and one of a kind.Don't forget to view our catalog of reclaimed boat wood letters.

Teak Wood Mushrooms

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