Root Wood Decorations from Indonesia

Unique home decorations made in Indonesia. Decorations made of old tree trunk from Indonesia.

Home and garden decorations made of old wood tree trunk. Home accents and ornaments with antique or rustic style made in Indonesia. This is very unique and one of a kind products.

Teak Root Wood Shelves from Bali Indonesia

Product Code: TT 1
Teak Tree Root Wood Shelves
Decorative Wood from Indonesia

Please remember that this is very unique home decor product. What available for you may vary from photos shown here. It takes a long time to locate old tree trunk to make these wooden decorations. Please order these antique wood crafts way in advance.

Antique tree trunk from Indonesia. Suitable to decorate home, garden, patio, shops hotels or resort. Very beautiful and antique. Available in various sizes and shapes.

Antique tree trunk from Indonesia

Root Crafts Code: TT 2
Tree Root Decors Bali


Teak Root Code: TT 3
Teak Root Bali

Antique tree trunk from Indonesia

Code: TT 4
Old Tree Trunk

Antique tree trunk from Indonesia

Code: TT 5
Teak Shelves

Teak Furniture Shelves from Bali Indonesia

Code: TT 6
Teak Wood Shelves


Teak Root Code: TT 7
Teak Tree Root Decors


Code: TT 8
Old Tree Trunk

Wood Decorations from Indonesia

Root Decor Code: TT 9
Bali Teak Root Decors

Teak Root Wood Table Top Decors from Bali Indonesia

Decor Code: TT 10
Teak Root Wood Decors

TT11 Teak Wood Furniture Shelves Bali

Code: TT 11
Old Tree Trunk

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The tree trunk wood arts is a perfect match to our teak root furniture
Combine order for tree trunk wood arts with teak root furniture

Furniture teak tree root Made in Indonesia

Furniture teak tree root Made in Indonesia
Don't forget, teak root furniture from Indonesia, NOT Thailand or Myanmar. This is not Thailand teak root furniture or Myanmar teak root furniture. Click to view our complete catalog for tree root furniture.

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Wooden Stool Indonesia

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