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Teak root furniture made in Indonesia. Various bench and chairs made of teak root wood. Each piece of these furniture is unique and one of a kind. Please expect little variation from photos shown here of other pages on our web site. All furniture shipped in finished condition, natural or dark stain. Please remember to mention your prefered color when ordering any of our teak root furniture. All made in Indonesia.

DSCN6687 Teak Root Furniture Table Chairs

Furniture Code: DSCN6687
Teak Root Furniture Sets from Bali. Teak Wood Furniture from Bali Indonesia. Included in the set bench, chairs and glasstop table. All made of teak root wood. Glass might or might NOT included. Please advice if you need the glass or not when ordering our glasstop table. The color of the teak root stain available in various colors including natural or dark. Please do not forget the mention of the stain when ordering.

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Teak root furniture from Bali Indonesia. This is teak root furniture sets with bench, chairs and glasstop table including. These furniture are suitable for outdoor use including garden or patio of your house. As seen in many parks around the world. Bali boat wood furniture factory. Producer and exporter company for all kind of furniture made in Indonesia including live edge large suar wood dining table. This web site is owned by CV Maya. We're registered company. Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000. WhatsApp +6281353357458 Instagram: Boat Furniture Factory