Bali Furniture

Teak Wood Furniture

Bali furniture from Indonesia. Various wooden furniture made of teak wood. Other solid wood also available. Please browse here for Indonesian furniture in wide range of choice from chairs, bench, table. Also included here a complete set of furniture for dining room. We have here teak wood furniture combined with metal. A furniture kind which will last for generations. Strong and solid furniture for your home or garden. All made in Indonesia. Please remember to visit our Abstract Wooden Sculptures. We have also the teak root shelves.

Teak wood furniture made in Indonesia

Itf3-1 Dining Chairs Table Furniture Sets Bali

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-1

Dining Furniture Bali.

Itf3-2 Iron And Wood Furniture Set Bali Indonesia

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-2

Metal and Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-3 Teak Wood Dining Table Chairs Furniture Set

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-3

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-4 Teak Wood Large Chairs Furniture Bali

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-4

Large Teak Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-5 Large Teak Wood Daybed Bali Furniture

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-5

Full Size Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-6 Metal And Wood Dining Furniture Sets Bali

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-6

Iron and Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-7 Rustic Metal Furniture Bali Indonesia

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-7

Rustic Iron Furniture Bali.

Itf3-8 Large Daybeds Bali Furniture

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-8

Large Size Daybed Furniture Bali.

Itf3-9 Full Size Daybeds Teak Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-9

Bali Teak Daybeds Wood Furniture.

Itf3-10 Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Chairs Bali

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-10

Recycle Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-11 Teak Coffee Table Indonesian Furniture

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-11

Teak Wood Furniture Bali.

Itf3-12 Teak Wood Daybeds Indonesia

Wood Furniture Code: ITF3-12

Teak Wood Daybeds Furniture Bali.

Bali wood carvings and home decors for export. Buy direct from factory and exporter in Bali Indonesia. Browse our wide range of products made in Indonesia. We have many products available for you to import to your country. All handmade in Indonesia. We have wide range of teak root furniture.

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