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Large Suar Wood Dining Table Bali

Bali dining tables made of suar wood. Bali furniture for garden or outdoor. Big table to use as dining table in natural shapes. These long tables with thick slabs made in Bali Indonesia by suar wood table factory. Large dining table slab. Suar wood furniture dining table slab.

Big Table Bali

Suar Wood Table Furniture Code: ITF-DT1-11
Large Suar Wood Table from Bali Big Table Bali

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We are reclaimed wood furniture manufacturer with factory located in Java Indonesia. We produce furniture made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boat or Javanese houses. Buy boat wood furniture from Indonesia direct from the factory. We are also manufacturer of live edge kitchen and dining room table made of suar hardwood. For more information, please email or call/WhatsApp us +6281353357458. Visit our Instagram:Boat Furniture Factory

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