Large Wood Bowls for Home and Garden Decors from Indonesia

Bird bath garden decors. Pedestal bird bath made of teak wood. Large wooden bowl for garden bird bath.

bird bath garden decors home accents wood bowls rustic antique crafts java bali indonesia

Large wooden bowls from Java Indonesia. Wooden bowls made of teak wood. Antique furniture and home accents with rustic style. Home and garden decorations rustic look. Also possible to use as bird bath, planters or simply as decorations.

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Palm pots. Palm wood planters and vases. If you're interested in more planters, pots or vases. Please click the link above. It will take you to our catalog of palm pots. This is a pots made of huge palm tree trunk. Hollowed out and sanded. Very good as landscape decorations, garden accents or to use as shop landmark.

Rustic Home Accents Made of Wood from Indonesia
Home and Garden Decorations


Product Code: TKBL 19
Teak Root Bowl from Indonesia. Fruits Bowl Rustic Style
Wooden Bowl with Natural or Rustic Style Made in Indonesia
Height 85cm Width 70cm

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One of our best seller is the teak wood planters. It's been exported worldwide. Very popular as umbrellas holder or as planters. We're able to supply big quantity in one month.

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