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Glass top table made of teak root wood. Wooden table made using a unique and one of a kind tree root wood. Very strong furniture suitable for outdoor use. These teak wood comes from the tree root part. If you need unique furniture to place in your outdoor garden or patio, this teak root wood furniture surely suitable for you. Available in various sizes. Made to order only. Because each tree root is unique, variation from tables shown here might occur.

Teak Root Wood Furniture Glass Top Table

Teak tree root table furniture from Bali Indonesia

Teak tree root table furniture from Bali Indonesia

Teak root wood furniture from Bali Indonesia. Photo above shows you two different sizes of the glass top tables. We can even make it longer or shorter. Made to order only. Please remember that each furniture is unique. Variation from photos above might occur.

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Our furniture are made in Indonesia. Made to order and ready stock furniture available. We recommend to order our furniture at least a 20ft container To ship less than container load (LCL) is possible for certain furniture such as the large dining tables and the teak balls and bowls. Teak chairs that is not stackable is not recommended to order for less than container load. Please view also our catalog of reclaimed boat wood letter home decors from Indonesia. We produce wall decors made of recycled boat wood timber. Handmade wooden alphabet letters made of reclaimed old fishing boats from Indonesia. Handmade using old retired wooden boats, real original colors from the wooden boats. Durable and suitable for outdoor use.

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Teak Wood Spoon Fork Bali boat wood furniture factory. Producer and exporter company for all kind of furniture made in Indonesia including live edge large suar wood dining table. Browse our web sites or chat with us on our social media, go to Teak Furniture linktree page. For garden ornaments and decorations please view our teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Solid teak wood mushroom carvings handmade in Java Indonesia.