Teak Root Wood Furniture from Indonesia Teak Wood Garden Outdoor Furniture and Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia
Indonesian furniture made of teak wood. Also produce palm wood pots and planters

Need teak root furniture made in Indonesia ? We have it. We're garden furniture manufacturer and exporter company located in Java Island of Indonesia, where the largest teak plantation in the world located. Browse our catalog of teak root furniture. Email to us using inquiry form to place an order. Tell us the product number and quantity wanted. Don't forget to tell us the name of shipping port near you. Once we receive your email, we will reply with pricing, shipping charge and info regarding production time. We receive many emails everyday. We give response only to serious inquiry. Please provide your complete address and a brief info about your company or business. Thank you . . .

Teak Root Bench Wholesaler Producer Outside Furniture Indonesian Thailand Teak Wood Furniture

Teak Root Furniture :
Teak Root Bench

Teak Root Table Wood Furniture Rustic Furniture Made in Indonesia Java Bali

Teak Root Furniture :
Teak Root Table

Teak Root Chair Furniture Rustic Log Garden Outdoor Patio Lawn Natural Java Bali Indonesia Manufacturer Company Exporter Factory Online Supplier Wood

Teak Root Furniture :
Teak Root Chair

This web site in an online catalog of teak root furniture and other rustic furniture made in Indonesia. This web site owned by CV Maya, a manufacturer company located in Yogykarta, Indonesia. We buy the teak root log from harvested teak tree directly from Perum Perhutani, the goverment body responsible for the control of the largest teak farms in the world. We produce teak root furniture at our factory in Yogyakarta and export worldwide trought Tanjung Mas Port in Semarang, Central Java. Click here for direction to our teak root furniture factory ...

Our teak root furniture made of teak tree root wood log taken from teak plantation in Java. Java island of Indonesia is the home of finest and largest teak plantation in the world. None of our teak root furniture made with teak root log taken from rain forest, in fact teak tree cannot even grow in rain forests. Click here for more info regarding our teak root furniture

ORDERING OUR TEAK ROOT FURNITURE (Pricing, Shipping, Payment Terms etc.)
To order our teak root furniture is easy. Simply type in your email details regarding your order (product code, size and quantity wanted) and send to us using inquiry form
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Palm pots garden planters. We produce home and garden decorations made of palm tree wood trunk. A huge vases or pots. Very beautiful and unique. Add a strong natural look to your lawn or patio with our palm vases and palm pots. Also good as decoration for shops, hotels, landscape, park and other open space. Click here to view our palm vase from Indonesia

Teak root furniture from Java and Bali Indonesia. Teak root wood furniture such as teak root chairs, teak root tables and teak root benches. Garden outdoor furniture made of teak wood. Buy direct from java teak root furniture factory and manufacturer with years of experience in export teak root furniture.


Teak Furniture for Outdoor and Indooor

Teak Root Furniture

teak root furniture

Root Furniture Indonesia

Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Furniture Indonesia

Teak Wood Garden Furniture from Indonesia

Furniture Indonesia

Teak root bench indonesia. Browse our catalog of teak root wood bench. These catalog shows you model of teak bench which available for ordering most of the time. Remember, we always ship garden teak root furniture in clean, fine sanded and finished condition. Sorry, photos here show many teak wood bench in half finished condition.

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  • Teak Root Chair Furniture from Java Indonesia
  • Teak Root Bench Furniture Page 1
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    Teak Root P4-1
    Teak Root Bench


    Teak Root P4-2
    Teak Root Bench


    Teak Root P4-3
    Teak Root Bench


    Teak Root P4-4
    Teak Root Bench

    More Photos from Rustic Furniture Factory in Java Indonesia. Manufacturer Company for Teak Rustic Furniture
    Outdoor furniture and Indoor furniture made of teak wood from Java Indonesia

    Teak Wood and Resin Furniture from Bali Indonesia

    Teak Wood and Resin Furniture from Bali Indonesia

    Old Tree Trunk Wood
    Decorative Wood from Indonesia

    Old Tree Trunk Wood

    Palm wood pots. Made of palm tree trunk which hollowed out and sanded. The palm tree is a renewable source like coconut wood tree. It's not an endangered wood nor it's a rain forest wood. If fact, the palm tree don't live in rain forest. They need a dry place to grow. Click palm pots above to view our catalog of palm pots and palm wood bowl planters.


    When you place an order for our teak root furniture, we highly recommend you to order our palm pots also. We believe our palm pots and palm bowls is a good companion to our teak root furniture. Both teak root furniture and palm pots has a very unique and strong natural look.

    Please order the palm pots and palm planters away in advance. We need more than 2 months to located the palm tree and to produce your order. Thank you for your patience!

    Teak Wood Stool Java Indonesia Bali

    Furniture Code: TWS-1
    Teak Wood Stool

    Teak Stool Indonesia

    Furniture Code: LOG2-17
    Teak Stool Indonesia

    Teak Stool Java

    Furniture Code: TWS-1
    Teak Stool Java

    Wooden Stool Indonesia

    Furniture Code: TWS-4
    Wooden Stool Indonesia

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    Teak wood mushrooms from Indonesia. Home and garden ornaments. Carved teak wood mushroom sculptures. Solid teak wood mushrooms handcarved by skill teak wood craftsmen using reclaimed teak wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Beautiful and durable teak wood home and garden decors. Unique and one of a kind.Don't forget to view our catalog of reclaimed boat wood letters.

    Teak Wood Mushrooms

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    We have many wood arts and crafts products which sell very well worldwide especially in UK and European countries. Please click links below to view our handicrafts products. Teak root furniture indonesia beautiful teak wood candle holders, teak wood bowls, palm wood vases, bamboo ducks, stone planters and water feature. Also wood carvings with abstract style. These products available on our sister site www.Balifurnish.com the No.1 source for handicrafts made in Indonesia.

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