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Teak Root Furniture from Java Indonesia. Teak Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia
Garden and Patio Furniture made of Teak Root Wood from Java Indonesia

Teak root furniture shown here in plain only. We ALWAYS ship our teak root furniture in sanded and stained condition. You will receive our teak root furniture in beautiful and ready to sell conditions. As shown by teak root furniture below.
If you prefered teak root furniture in fine sanded only (not stained) please remember to inform us.

Teak Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

Approximate quantity in container 20ft for teak table:
Small 50x55x45cm 325 pieces
Medium 70x75x45cm 170 pieces
Large 100x110x45cm 81 pieces
For 47ft container, simply double the quantity

Buy teak root furniture direct from Java Indonesia. By from www.Indonesiateakfurniture.com. An online catalog for teak root furniture owned by CV Maya, a manufacturer company in Indonesia. Good quality root furniture direct from Java.

Bali Teak Furniture

Teak Root P3-1
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Garden Furniture

Teak Root P3-2
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Garden Patio Furniture

Teak Root P3-3
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Indonesian Teak Furniture

Teak Root P3-4
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Outdoor Furniture

Teak Root P3-5
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Root Furniture

Teak Root P3-6
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Patio Furniture

Teak Root P3-7
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

Teak Root P3-8
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Root Table Bali

Teak Root P3-9
Teak Root Table Bali

Teak Furniture

Teak Root P3-10
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Root Wood Furniture

Teak Root P3-11
Teak Root Furniture Bali

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak Root P3-12
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak Root P3-13
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Patio Furniture

Teak Root P3-14
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Wood Furniture

Teak Root P3-15
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

Teak Root P3-16
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia


Teak Root P3-17
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Wood Garden Furniture

Teak Root P3-18
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

Teak Root P3-19
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Wooden Garden Furniture

Teak Root P3-20
Teak Root Furniture from Indonesia

Teak root bench indonesia. Browse our catalog of teak root wood bench. These catalog shows you model of teak bench which available for ordering most of the time. Remember, we always ship garden teak root furniture in clean, fine sanded and finished condition. Sorry, photos here show many teak wood bench in half finished condition.

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  • Teak Wood Bowls Indonesia
  • We have many photos of teak root furniture available on this site. All comes from Java Indonesia. If you need a large quantity or only several pieces of teak root furniture, we're the right furniture company. We ship teak root furniture worldwide.

    Teak root furniture from Indonesia shown on www.Balifurnish.com. This is our sister site. Full of root wood furniture, all teak wood. Teak wood is King of wood. The best of wood. Teak wood will stand all kind of weather. Suitable as garden furniture or outdoor furniture. Decorate your patio, lawn or backyard with teak root furniture.

    Teak root furniture surely will add strong natural look to any garden. Bench, chairs, tables etc. Large or small. All from Java Indonesia. Manufacturer and exporter company. Indonesian supplier wholesaler and producer company.

    Teak wood bowls from Indonesia. Teak bowls for fruits bowls or as garden planters. Made of very old teak tree root wood. Very beautiful and high quality. Good seller for years. Please browse our catalog of teak root bowls made in Indonesia. All unique, one of a kind. Good to fill empty space inside your container. Perfect match to our teak root furniture.


    Teak Wood Bowls


    Teak Root Bowls


    Wooden Teak Bowls


    Teak Wood Resin Furniture Bali

    Teak bowls from Java Indonesia. Remember when ordering our teak bowls that designs of the teak root bowls may vary from those shown here. However, we'll do our best to be as close as possible and we'll always ship our wooden teak bowls same size as your initial order. All teak bowls here also possible to use as garden planters. These teak wood planters made of teak wood from teak plantations. We do not use rain forest wood to make our wooden planters. Our teak planters are eco friendly products (green products).

    Teak furniture from Indonesia. All teak furniture here made of legally harvested teak tree from teak plantations in Java. The harvest of teak tree does not destroy rain forests. In fact, teak tree can't even grow in rain forests. Teak trees only grows well in the dry, hilly terrain typical of plantation forests in Southeast Asia such as Java Indonesia, Burma and Thailand.

    Teak plantations in Java Indonesia produce one of the best teak wood timber in the world. All teak furniture we sell made of teak furniture from these teak plantations.

    We use teak wood for the following:

    Java has very large teak plantations which were first planted by the Dutch in the early 1800's.

    Teak tree is not a native tree to Java Indonesia. Teak tree was brought to Java Indonesia by the dutch from Burma, Thailand and India for cultivation in plantations in Java about 300 years ago

    We're proud with the teak furniture we sell. Teak root furniture and the reclaimed teak wood furniture.

    Teak Root Outdoor Furniture Made in Indonesia

    Teak Root Table Indonesia

    Teak Root Table

    Teak Root Chair Indonesia

    Teak Root Chair

    Teak Root Bench Indonesia

    Teak Root Bench

    Teak Root Bowls Indonesia

    Teak Root Bowls

    Rustic Furniture Made in Indonesia Java Teak Wood Antique

    Rustic Furniture

    We have many wood arts and crafts products which sell very well worldwide especially in UK and European countries. Please click links below to view our handicrafts products. Click the links to view beautiful teak wood candle holders, teak wood bowls, palm wood vases, bamboo ducks, stone planters and water feature. Also wood carvings with abstract style. These products available on our sister site www.Balifurnish.com the No.1 source for handicrafts made in Indonesia.